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Bakraur(Sujata Village),Bodhgaya

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Bodhgaya is known to be a poor, very poor part of India, but it has something in their history that no one else has anywhere in the world; it was here in Bodhgaya that Buddhism was taught by Buddha himself.

Our ambition for the education at the ViA Elementary School No 1, is to nurse educational qualities above and beyond traditional curriculums and strive towards a more open and broader educational form where students will come to connect their valuable traditions, family values and cultural values into a more modern way of learning. Creating a future in a place, where one cannot even see ‘hope’ in the eyes of a child or in the face of an adult, needs to be bolstered with the power of self-confidence, entrepreneurship and companionship as well as teamwork.

The founder of the school is the Swedish entrepreneur Mr. Lars Olof Kanngard and supported by his group of companies ViA Global Holdings AG and ViA Card.

Smart Class - Smart Kids

If our ViA Elementary School can inspire children that there is a future and that they can be the ones who can have a good education and later on a job, then suddenly you will see the dreams in their eyes.

Education at the ViA Elementary School will become so much more than ‘just’ a school it will become the inspiration center for the next generation of smart kids.

Our ambition is to build networks with other schools around the world and, in the future, be able to have young exchange students so that a child in Solleftea in Northern Sweden, as an example, will come to know how privileged they are and such good friends that they now have in Bodhgaya. Once we have begun IT education, later in 2016, we should also be able to have web-cam exchanges with other schools and to bring awareness about Bodhgaya.

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One meal per day!

From end of February 2016 all the children will have one meal per day free in the school.

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ViA Care School on Facebook

As of February 6, 2016 the ViA Care Scool, our ViA Elementary School No: 1 has gt its own Facebook. Please visit and make your comments and follow the every day activities.

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Toilets & washing room

During the month of March 2016, finally the project to build modern, clean toilets for all the children be started....

We also plan to start the complition phase of the school with a secound flor and protected wall around the school property

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Sample Title 4

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